About Us

Nowadays people look over the internet for the best destinations and the best gears to wear, so to make it easier for everyone, we created a reviewing system to help people check and compare different brands and products. Our recommendations & reviews go exactly towards that gap between seller and buyer.

Exploring the wilderness can prove to be one of the best experiences of your life, but at the same time, the thrill and adrenaline must be met with enough safety measure so that you can come back in one piece to your family. Accidents and other undesired events can be avoided with the right gear, and since there isn’t one universal gear that goes with everything, you need to be aware of the needs you have and the specifications and uses of the equipment you intend to buy.

We made it our mission thus, to make it easier for everyone to purchase the right thing based on the experiences of others who found themselves in similar situations at a particular time. Our reviews cover everything from shoes to canoe, and we were always struggling to offer the best image of products with its real pros and cons.

Our dreams for the future is to become one of the best reviewing services in our night, if not, the best in the world and to spur people’s dreams of becoming explorers. It won't be possible without your great support and suggestions, We welcome your valuble feedback here