How to wash down jacket quickly and safely

Are you afraid of destroying your Down Jacket that cost you by washing it? Many people have always told you there is nothing to fear in Wash Down Jacket, but only a few people will tell you how to do it. Their advice ends up not helping you at all.

I also had the same fear until I decided to do research on how to Wash Down Jacket and try it myself. I tried different way until I got the best way of washing my Jackets. I need you to wash your jacket without any worry; that's why I have decided to write this article. The following is the simplest procedure that you need to Wash Down Jacket.

Requirements and Procedure to Wash Down Jacket

Before starting of  Wash Down Jacket, you will need several things to ensure that the procedure discussed below will fully help you. The following is the list of the items you will need to have.

  • A Dirty Down Jacket.
  • ​A Soft washing brush
  • ​An appropriate cleaner and not household detergents or softeners
  • ​A side loading washing machine
  • ​A drier
  • ​Clean Tennis balls
  • ​Clean Coldwater

You should only use a side loading washing machine rather than the top loading washing machine. With all the above items, you can follow the following procedure and Wash Down Jacket safely without any worry.

1.Brush Off Any Loose Dirt on The Jacket.

The first thing you need to do with before you Wash Down Jacket  it, it's to remove all loose dirt on it. The loose dirt may include mad, food particles or any other dirt that might have stuck on your jacket and you can easily brush it off. After brushing the dirt ensure you do up Zips, close any flaps and ensure you turn it inside out before moving to the next step.

2. Choose A Front-Loading Washing Machine.

Washing your Down Jacket with the appropriate machine is the step number one in ensuring that you wash your Jacket safely. Your Down Jacket I recommend you use a front-loading machine with cleaners which are specifically designed to be technical or down outerwear. This is because the Household softeners and detergents will damage your jacket by stripping out the water-resistant coating fabric.

The reason against washing your Down jacket with a top loading machine, it's because the agitator will damage your jacket. In case you do not have a side loading washing machine at home, I advise you to wash at the nearby launderettes using a front-loading washing machine.

3. Clean the Detergent Compartment of Your Washing Machine.

Now you know that household detergents are harmful to your Jacket. Therefore, you need to ensure the washing machine has no residue of any detergent or softener. To be sure your washing machine is safe to clean out all the drawers and run your washing machine on a hot water when it's empty to clear all detergents and softeners in the washing machines. I believe you understand that your Down Jacket is expensive and you can't take chances of damaging it.

4. Set the Washing Machine on Cold and Gentle Wash Settings.

Washing a Down Jacket, you don't need to put your washing machine on a heavy-duty setting. The gentle setting will ensure the waterproof fabric fast spinning does not strip it. Gentle washing will make sure that your Jacket is still waterproof even after washing. The waterproof lining can be removed by the long fast spinning of the washing machine.

5. Rinse A Few Times onSlowest Spin

In the detergent, compartment pours 60ml of appropriate cleaner. After washing your Jacket, you need to ensure no cleaner remains on your Down Jacket. You will achieve this by rinsing your Jacket severally on the longest spin cycle. Also, it's very important to ensure that you concentrate on the washing once you start it. Don't engage yourself in other activities to avoid forgetting that your Jacket is in the washing machine.

6. Dry Your Jacket inA Dryer at Low Heat Temperatures

The first thing you need to know is that you should never air dry your Down Jacket. This is because air drying will take a lot of time and also exposes the risks of your Jacket's feathers clamping together giving a bad smell when it takes longer to dry. You should dry your jacket on a drier and at low heat temperatures.

It's necessary to check the Jacket's label for exact drying temperatures and care details. The drying will take long. Do not be tempted to dry the Jacket on high heat to fasten the drying. This will risk melting outer shell fabric and seams of your Jacket damaging your lovely Jacket. Wait until the jacket dries completely before taking it from the drier.

Pro-Tips for Cleaning and Drying Your Down Jacket.

You can clean and dry your Down Jacket very efficiently at your home without taking it to the specialist or involving an expert in cleaning it. Use the following tips to make your cleaning and drying easier and efficient.

  • Put your Jacket separately in the washing Machine and wash it alone
  • ​Add clean tennis ball in the dryer to prevent the Jacket feathers from Clamping together when drying.
  • Remove the Jacket for the drier now and then and Fluff it to prevent Feather clamping and speed up the drying.
Now you know How to wash down Jacket Quick and Safely

The above procedure has to be very helpful in attaining the best results always whenever I was my Down Jacket and all other packets in my family. If you have always had a fear of damaging your Jacket when washing it, that fear should come to an end. Use the above procedures, and the results you will get are amazing.

Don't be selfish with this information, if you found it helpful share it with your friends and family members. You can give your views by commenting on this article and also share your experiences. I strongly believe that this procedure will take every worry that most of us always have after buying a Down Jacket for the first time

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